Historie – about us

This mom and pop shop started out right here in Cedar City as a Candy store. It was unique, not your ordinary regular candy, a one of a kind place. One cold wintry day we decided hot soup sounded better than cold candy and so we started making from scratch soups ! Soup and Candy ?? Unique ….. The soups actually caught on ! We think its because real handmade from scratch soups are a rarity in these days.

On another day, a fine spring day the oldest brother came to visit us from France where he has been hiding for years. He spoke French, he acted French and he sold us on the idea that we should add a French Bakery to the place!

Put your money where your mouth is we said ! So he did, and he worked very hard and together we believe something very special, unique has come to be.

Its always been family, us, the kids, the parents, the old brother and with the help of some very talented hired hands we believe you will enjoy your experience at the French Connection.

We still have candy, as always, special and unique candy but we have added and proudly serve handmade pastries and cakes, specialty coffee’s, a unique breakfast line that you will find both delicious and reasonable.

Along with our awesome soups you will enjoy a unique line of sandwiches built before you on handmade breads.

Come enjoy the smells, the tastes and the atmosphere of the one and only French Connection!

A BREAKFAST AND LUNCH PLACE – I call it a “sweeter-eatery” !

2 thoughts on “Historie – about us

  1. Bonjour!

    I just called your boulangerie to inquire after galette de rois and was sad to learn you do not make them, though I’m sure you could and so I wonder, would you consider a special order? My mother and sister live in Cedar City but I cannot ship well from here (New Orleans). Personally, I would eat every squish and crumb, if someone Fed-Exed a galette to me! I would happily pay $80-120 (size?) for two galettes (the puff pastry kind with frangipane). They are so much better than the awful king cakes usually served in New Orleans. I have yet to find a common king cake I like, (though our boulangerie on Magazine St. cannot make anything that isn’t delicious!)

    Personally, I think the public in Cedar City would embrace them, if only they were introduced, though perhaps only bought by the slice. Maybe school French clubs or college students pining for Mardi Gras? If you have no feves, that is no problem; we can improvise!

    If you are unable to accommodate, I completely understand, as this is a lot to ask.

    Bon weekend a tous!

    Gina Stebbins

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